Weaving travelers’ experiences ✈️🌎

Yarn is the simplest and most fun way for travelers' to meet new people while exploring the city

Pick your mood and a timeframe, let Yarn connect you with others looking for a similar experience while recommending you top rated places

Not a traveler? That's okay too. You might find a hidden gem in your city, and make new friends!

Get weaving today!

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How does it it works? * Choose Your Mood - Something active, something chill, perhaps some food – or surprise me! *Weave Your Experience - Yarn instantly searches for other travelers looking for a similar experience. *Get Connected - Your results include a group of travelers along with a location and suggested meeting time. Don’t like the result – shake the phone and try again! *Experience It - Chat with your fellow travelers and head out for some fun! When you’re done rate the experience to help us improve and start again for a new adventure.
Good timing, @the_french_digital_nomad! @suzywillow and I just landed in London. Heading to Paris and Berlin next week. :)
@rrhoover Hey Ryan! I am in Colombia! But back Saturday in Paris for a week ! And hopefully 🇫🇷 will win on Sunday ⚽️!!!
Really love the UX! Simple, beautiful and intuitive. I’m testing this in San Francisco right now, how are you scraping and categorizing the activities? Google/yelp? Somethings suggested like CrossFit seem like odd fits.
@shay_sa Thank you for trying out our product and for your feedback! We primarily use foursquare in the backend, but are always adding new sources and working to improve the quality of the recommendations. If you have anymore feedback please keep em coming, we really appreciate it! We are working to increase our audiences in key locations, including San Francisco, so please spread the word and stay tuned here, Facebook or Instagram (@yarn.travel)