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This is super cool. Here's my first, slightly obnoxious YAKiT: http://freakngenius.com/yak/63D4
Big fan of this team. The founder, @kylekesterson, is a stand up dude with a whole lotta hustle. Maybe we can get him in here to answer a few questions.
Thanks for the nice words Andy! Fun to see our little app getting some love in this cool community. Just wanted to quickly introduce myself and am happy to answer any questions - about me personally, our process, why we do what we do, or whatever is on your mind. Prior to becoming Chief Freak, I was a cave-dwelling illustrator and toy developer who serendipitously found my way to a Startup Weekend and into the world of working with software engineers. It's been magical seeing art and science come together and give life and context to the crazy stuff that bubbles up in my brain. It's been a pretty amazing journey which I've learned and grown more in this short time than I have collectively in the many years prior. Cheers!
Thanks @rrhoover, and thanks for both ProductHunt and the AMA. Was a really fun day and I'm excited to be a part of the community.. you obviously have something really special going on here.
v3.0 of the app was released a few days ago. New features from their release notes: • A Global Video Feed • Video Channels • New animated stickers - facial features and characters • Notifications • React & Comment on others' videos • Complete interface re-design