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You also don't need $400 machine for juicero either...
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@bentossell correct, you only need $399 😝
@bentossell I watched the rebuttal video, and it seems like some of the Juicero packs do require more pressure than others.
While the world will be going wild with the juicy news about Apple tomorrow, I thought we also consider innovation in the veggie world! No, you don't need a $400 press to use this product — just a basic scoop, some water, or other mix-in. I've actually tried this product and it's pretty good — an easy way to add a little extra nutrition to a smoothie or some juice. I actually broke out my neglected Oneida juicer to make some fresh OJ to go with the carrot powder. Anyway, I'm no expert in this category, but this kind of product seems useful, and I'm all for more affordable innovation leading to more consumption of simple, organic, foods.
I wonder why they posted everything else but the ingredients list of this product....Or did I miss it?
@khaliphj I just checked the packages and they each have ONE ingredient: "ORGANIC [VEGETABLE NAME] POWDER". :) I think that's it — these powders are made just from the vegetables, nothing more. They have their own unique process for preserving the nutrition too: All of our juices are dehydrated at low temperatures, which is a unique process that preserves the rich nutrient content and ensures the flavor remain in tact! If you compared our products vs. our competitors you will CLEARLY see on the nutrition label how much more nutrients, vitamins, minerals, etc. are inside Yae! Organics because of the unique low temperature dehydration.
@chrismessina Too bad about that preserving the flavor part.... 😋
Based on the prices that you can purchase these for on their website, it comes out to roughly $1 per serving (a little less if you get the large packs). Thats not bad, since most high quality protein powders and shakes come in at about that price.
I do my own juicing and it's a hassle to be honest, but it's fresher and cheaper.