Recorded and transcribed calls for team collaboration

A simple and flexible collaboration service, aimed at enabling all types of business conversations.

Auto-transcribed calls, instant messaging, video and file sharing are integrated into a single interface that you control.

Setup an organization for a 7-day trial of recording and transcription. PH users contact support for free trial extension.

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Hello Product Hunt! I’m Alan and I’m very excited to introduce my new product, Yack.net. It’s a business communication/collaboration tool with the USP that video and audio calls are automatically transcribed. The benefit is that you get a searchable record of everything that was said across text and speech. Yack.net was developed by my software development company, Connected Digital. We found that using multiple systems (email, Skype, Slack) to talk with our developers and clients was a hassle. The existing tools create a record of everything that's written down but no one knows exactly what was said what on a conference call. So we built a system that combined everything into one simple interface. We’ve launched Yack.net as a product because in addition to making a great project management tool which makes our lives easier, we think it will be useful for digital agencies, journalists, market researchers, HR departments, as well as healthcare and legal professionals. We’ve been working on it for about a year and a half and now we’re ready to show it to the world :-) Please feel free to create an account & set up an organization (as a 7 day free trial, no payment info required) to see how it all works. Feedback on the idea and questions are of course more than welcome too!
Hi everyone :-) It's been a while in the making, but today is the day I get to talk to you lovely PH people about Yack.net! We're really interested to hear people's thoughts about the system (good and bad), and how you feel it could be useful for your business. We'll be around all day to answer any questions, so please comment away!
Great job !! Could we use this only for business call or video call ? Any product hunt Discount for Product Hunt users ?
@ayush_chandra Hi Ayush - thanks for getting in touch. You can use Yack.net for either audio or video calls and talk about anything you like. We will be adding telephone integration early next year. We have a 7 day free trial of the premium Yack.net recorded and transcribed calls for everyone who signs up. I will extend this until the end of the year for Product Hunt users. Just let me know once you have created an account and set up your organization and I'll update your free trial duration. There is a guide to getting started with Yack.net here https://yack.net/2017/10/27/how-...
This looks like an interesting tool and I plan to feature it on my weekly live stream show. I have added you to my curations. On the free account it says "Calls with recording and transcription" - but at the bottom of the page it says "Basic calls use peer-to-peer technology to allow calls with a maximum of 4 participants. Basic calls cannot be recorded or transcribed." So I am not sure if the free plan comes with transcription and how many minutes it provides for? I am referring to this page on your site https://yack.net/pricing/ Thanks
@krishnade Hi Krishna - Thank you for your interest. The basic / free column on the pricing page should show a red cross besides "Calls with recording and transcription" showing that recorded transcribed calls are not included for free users. This is due to the hosting costs associated with recording and transcribing. We have a 7 day free when you set up an organization on Yack.net. Even if there is only one user in your organization, you can make outgoing calls to users with a basic free account and everyone who takes part in the call can access the recording and transcription. I'm offering to extent the 7 day free trial to the end of the year for Product Hunt users and I'd be happy for you to make the same offer during your weekly live stream. Please ask your audience to get in touch with our support email once they have created a Yack.net organization and we will extend their trial periods.
@alanmortis Thanks for coming back so quickly - and that is a great offer - thank you - you might also want to mention it in your intro post as it only mentioned the 7 day trial. Just for info here is a recording of the pricing page as I see it - I am on Firefox - I don't seem to see the red cross you mention - I am looking on the left column for the free account https://i.gyazo.com/9b33e44c4041...
@krishnade Thanks for the heads up about firefox. There seems to be a bug on the pricing page when viewing in firefox so I've temporarily removed the missing features which slightly messes up the page design... @antonybearpark will need to fix it properly tomorrow morning! I've also put a note in the product hunt listing about offering an extension to the free trial. Just contact support@yack.net once you've created a Yack.net account and started a 7-day trial of an Organization.
@alanmortis Glad to be of help!

Extremely helpful when collaborating on projects with several external partners.


Brilliant audio and video quality. Transcription features makes accurate record keeping easy.


Nothing to add here - we have found the sound and video quality superior to the likes of Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime.