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Yabbly recently pivoted to this new AMA model. Since the pivot they've had some really amazing AMAs with top venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and chefs.
This has similarities to Monkey Inferno's Boya (https://boya.com) and Flawk (http://flawk.to, http://www.producthunt.co/posts/...). cc @ShaanVP
Absolutely. I saw Flawk the other day. Pretty cool. I think the major difference is the focus on individuals rather than brands. Not sure if Tom has any thoughts on working with brands or not? We could ask him!
Thx for the shout out @adamslieb. I'm not super familiar with Flawk and Boya but they both look very cool. Right now we're primarily focused on personal AMA's from folks who've done interesting things in the startup space.
Spent more than an hour on this so far, love it. One thing I am concerned about though is retention, knowing to come back to the site either through Twitter or other channels resurfacing the content. @rrhoover gave me an idea on the value of tweet links, by placing them near sharable content, like comments. I don't see much sharing integrated in the current yabbly product but think it would be a great way to re-engage and grow the userbase. Would love to hear what you are thinking about @toml in terms of how to improve the early first time re-engagement for Yabbly Edit: Just saw share in top right, look forward to when there is a mobile product ama will be sharing all over the place :). Still interested though about how you think about this