AI screen recording and sharing platform

XpressIT offers:

1. UNDO while you record video, like how you do it in document

2. The industry's least post production time

3. Fully integrated, unlike other products

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Product sound interesting. But the website is really a Stripe look a like.
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@sean_t Thank you :) . Please do try our tool and let us know if you have any feedback or questions.
@ramaprasanna I must say, it's a really cool product. Normally, screen recording allow you to add/edit the video afterwards. I know exactly to whom this may fit for 👌 Great work team !
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@sean_t Thanks for your feedback mate. My twitter @ram_irl
@sean_t "I know exactly to whom this may fit for 👌" - Now I am curious... :) :) .
@sean_t Hey Sean! Who are we a fit for? :)
From the Maker --> Hello Hunters, Thank you for your support so far. XpressIT is an ‘AI Screen recording and sharing platform’ for effective business communication. We help Pre-sales, Sales Enablement, Product Management and Customer Success teams to create quick videos to personalize the communication and clarify customers queries. We are the industry’s best fully integrated screen recording platform. Also, we are the industry’s best in terms of post production time and effort. Don't hesitate to reach out to us team@calicom.com , if you have any questions. regards, Ram Chellamuthu CEO California Communications
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Work on your website. Make yourself a real brand identity that fits to the product.

The product is easy to use, the user interface is clear and simple. Nothing to add.

Good job


Really easy to use. Add caption, text, links, ect.. during screen recording.


Haven't found one yet.

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Thanks mate. I will pass your feedback on the website. Please feel free to use the tool. I will ask my team to enable premium features for your login. 🙏🏼. Happy XpressIT 🎉🎉🎉
18 months of work has come to limelight. I am extremely happy to see this.
Happy to see our work reach a wide community. Video Messaging for businesses for effective business communication. Best of Emails + Best of conference calls = XpressIT