Xpand Laces

Shoelaces redesigned. Never tie your shoes again.

The original no-tie elastic shoelace system for runners, walkers, hikers, bikers, kids, young, old and everyone in between | Over 40 colors to choose from | Comfort. Style. Performance | $1.2 million raised on Kickstarter

Love the idea, but 25$ for 3 pairs? Ouch! Are these NASA rated shoe laces?
I actually just recommended these for a student the other day! They're great for people with disabilities and much less conspicuous than most alternatives (which my middle schoolers often appreciate)
This may sound super lazy, but my regular walking around shoes are a slight pain to keep in good condition by untying and tying the laces each time. I'm beyond the phase in life where I just jam my foot in and eventually crush the heal portion into dust. This seems like a nice looking option where I can slip them on without needing to untie but they'll still be snug enough to walk around comfortably. I think I'm sold.
I would have loved this in kindergarden - I was shoe-tying challenged and had to have friends help me. Sounds like a fun present for parents who are tired of tying their toddler's shoes.
I think I bought a few pairs of these when they were on Kickstarter. I still haven't used them...