Web hosting on Blockstack

Host static websites or single page apps on Blockstack's Gaia storage. Browse hosted websites using Blockstack name.

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you guys are killin it.
@abasa Thanks for the kind words!
Very cool Muneeb!
I like that you included a section that describes "why". Perhaps more products should include this, especially within the crypto space.
Thanks for hunting @amrith! Hello PH! We created XOR as a platform for hosting and browsing static websites or single page apps (SPA) on Blockstack's Gaia storage. But why host your website on Blockstack? 1. Censorship resistant You don't have to rely on centralized hosting providers to host your site. Blockstack's decentralized storage system gives the user control over where they store their data. XOR or Blockstack don't have any say over what you host or which Gaia hub you use. So you don't have to worry about a centralized service provider shutting your website down. 2. Difficult to hijack When you use XOR to host your site, your Blockstack name is used to authenticate the access to your Gaia storage. A private key controls the Blockstack name, and the authentication process doesn't involve any remote servers. So as long as the private key is not compromised, only you can control what you host on Blockstack. No centralized servers to hack or take over. 3. Blockstack Naming Service When you browse a website using the associated Blockstack name, XOR uses Blockstack Naming Service (BNS) to resolve the site related to that Blockstack name. This ensures that the content you are seeing is the same content hosted by the Blockstack name's owner. 4. Custom DNS domains If you want to make your website available outside XOR, you can still make use of the decentralization and high-performance Gaia provides by hosting your site using XOR and mapping the entry point URL to your custom DNS domain. Hosting is free if you are using the default Gaia hub provided by Blockstack PBC. We are planning to publish a list of Blockstack hosted websites on the homepage soon to facilitate easy discovery. The current version is only the first step in using Blockstack Naming Service to host and access websites. We have a lot in the pipeline to move the internet closer to its decentralized future. We'd love to hear your feedback and feel free to DM us on @xorbrowser if you have any questions. Thank you all! - XOR team
Hello all, please let us know if you have any questions about the product.