XOO Belt

Designer belts that charge your phone

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Piers Ridyard
@piersridyard · CEO, Nifty
@rrhoover - for extra geeky kicks, you can see me destroy one of the batteries in the belt to demonstrate how cool the tech inside is too :-D http://youtu.be/kYf_XYO80ew
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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This is so geeky but when you hit that dreaded 20% battery mark, you'll be glad to have a battery on your hip. https://tctechcrunch2011.files.w... This reminds me of the Everpurse, a purse with a built-in charger.
Ben Fisher
@skinnyandbald · designer + hacker. #NYC #SF
ummm wow. #opensWallet
Don Wyper
@dwyper · Tech Enthusiast
Just think if they joined forces with @getampy... a wearable that recharges your wearables #meta
@seanalyn · Lead Designer Marketing Services, Chegg
Interesting! Id want to see them in person first tho to make sure they aren't to bulky or cheap, but I love the idea! If they can really nail the style and make it minimal this could be amazing.
Taylor Edmiston
@kicksopenminds · Software Engineer @ Astronomer
The idea of wearing my power is interesting. I carry a 6000-mAh battery pack by Jackery everywhere I go, but it's a little bulky and cumbersome. Another solution is the idea of power hotspots via recent Techstars-grad Chargifi. http://chargifi.com