XOO Belt

Designer belts that charge your phone

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This is so geeky but when you hit that dreaded 20% battery mark, you'll be glad to have a battery on your hip. This reminds me of the Everpurse, a purse with a built-in charger.
@rrhoover There's the designer version too, for those who are anti-geeky. :)
ummm wow. #opensWallet
Just think if they joined forces with @getampy... a wearable that recharges your wearables #meta
@getampy @dwyper haha - yes!!! We'd genuinely love to work with Ampy! Love their tech, what they have achieved in that form factor is no small feat of engineering.
Interesting! Id want to see them in person first tho to make sure they aren't to bulky or cheap, but I love the idea! If they can really nail the style and make it minimal this could be amazing.
@seanalyn Here's a video with some of the styles on the catwalk. I've seen the belt - it's not too thick. It's like a normal belt.
The idea of wearing my power is interesting. I carry a 6000-mAh battery pack by Jackery everywhere I go, but it's a little bulky and cumbersome. Another solution is the idea of power hotspots via recent Techstars-grad Chargifi. http://chargifi.com
@kicksopenminds That's cool! Is that inductive charging built into public spaces?
@piersridyard Yes. Here's a 1-min demo video that explains it a little more and alludes to their business model.