The first virtual assistant in personal finance.

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Hello Product Hunt! Arthur here from the XOBI Team and I’m really excited to be on PH. We just launched late last week and would love your feedback on the app.
@arthur_mosh Congrats for the product. I wasn't able to test it (no iPhone) but found the set of features very promising. What countries / banks do you support?
Thanks @danflopes! We're definitely working on our Android version to be released by year end. Currently we support over 15k US banks.
If I had a $1M every time someone called themselves the "first virtual financial advisor", I wouldn't need one.
I'm surprised this doesn't seem to have a "budget" feature. I would think that would be more useful than most things. For example an alert could be sent when you are above the threshold in a spending category. or at the least help people understand what percentage of their income should go to what category (housing, investing, food, entertainment, etc)
That’s an awesome idea @parkerwoodward! More budgeting features are definitely on our roadmap. We need all the feedback we can get from early adopters like you!
Any plans to bring this to the Australian iTunes store anytime soon?
Hi @peterchaly! Unfortunately we are only supporting US Banks for now, but are looking to expand to other countries later this year. Sorry I don’t have a more solid date to give at this time.
"At XOBI, we feel that traditional banking has yet to truly embrace new mobile technology when it comes to the user experience. It's a pain point we see every day in the industry. Tech savvy consumers are hungry for transparency, convenience and easy-to-use mobile accessibility. We believe that everyone should have their own personal financial assistant and we're excited to offer that assistant for free."
@nikkielizdemere I've been using Mint for 5 years and the trends and graphs are incredible for predictions and budgeting. Testing out XOBI know and it's super interesting I wish I knew more about how they will handle all that data. Ie. Sell Ads and Promoted products like Mint?
Thanks @nikkielizdemere! @luizcent: At XOBI, we wanted to give our users a new and a more modern way to access their financial data. Later down the road we are planning to offer financial products with premium features that are specifically custom tailored for our users needs. Today, to find out what your current spending is, you can just ask XOBI, “where does my money go?”