The first virtual assistant in personal finance.



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Arthur Mosh — Creative/Design Director @XOBIapp
Hello Product Hunt! Arthur here from the XOBI Team and I’m really excited to be on PH. We just launched late last week and would love your feedback on the app.
Daniel F Lopes — I help build products faster @Whitesmith
Congrats for the product. I wasn't able to test it (no iPhone) but found the set of features very promising.

What countries / banks do you support?
Arthur Mosh — Creative/Design Director @XOBIapp
Thanks @danflopes! We're definitely working on our Android version to be released by year end. Currently we support over 15k US banks.
Chris Messina — 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
If I had a $1M every time someone called themselves the "first virtual financial advisor", I wouldn't need one.
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