Augmented reality cards

Would you recommend XO to a friend?


Dominique Yahyavi
@dyah10 · Designer
Hi guys, XO lets you send physical postcards, save the dates, and birth announcements that come to life with video in augmented reality. Sending an XO card is easy: -Pick a front image (either your own or one of ours) -Tap to record a video message -Enter a delivery address -Hit send XO cards are $2 and are delivered globally. Use promo code "ph50" for 50… See more
jeremy carson
@thejeremycarson · Founder, creata.co
so, the end user has to download the app to view a video? yeah, i'm always skeptical of these kinds of things. expecting way too much effort for very little return. would work just as well to have a url on the card where they would get the video. not as cool, but 1000x more likely they'd do it.
Maks Surguy
@msurguy · Creator of Bootsnipp, UX Dev at NBC News
This is pretty cool! Will definitely keep in mind when traveling and shooting video / photos. Here's a pivot idea for you since you already have infrastructure set up: Tombstone AR. Have an engraving on a tombstone, point the phone to it to see what the person was in real life.
Deandre Durr☀️
@dredurr · Growth Hacker
This seems like a very good idea. I am sending out save the dates as I type. 2 dollars is a steep price, when I am sending out 200 Save The Dates. Dope concept🚬🚬
Joji Thumma
@jojithumma · Co-Founder, AwardedMe
Love this idea.