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Hi guys, XO lets you send physical postcards, save the dates, and birth announcements that come to life with video in augmented reality. Sending an XO card is easy: -Pick a front image (either your own or one of ours) -Tap to record a video message -Enter a delivery address -Hit send XO cards are $2 and are delivered globally. Use promo code "ph50" for 50% off postcards today. Thanks for checking us out and feel free to ask us any questions!
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@dyah10 Super cool product !! Love it! PS: a video in Florence on a postcard from Rome... come on... :P :P
@dyah10 I'm stuck on the first screen where it's written XO and below "Update" whereas I just installed it. Can't do anything :(
@fiessedouard it should be working! try hard closing opening again
so, the end user has to download the app to view a video? yeah, i'm always skeptical of these kinds of things. expecting way too much effort for very little return. would work just as well to have a url on the card where they would get the video. not as cool, but 1000x more likely they'd do it.
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This is pretty cool! Will definitely keep in mind when traveling and shooting video / photos. Here's a pivot idea for you since you already have infrastructure set up: Tombstone AR. Have an engraving on a tombstone, point the phone to it to see what the person was in real life.
This seems like a very good idea. I am sending out save the dates as I type. 2 dollars is a steep price, when I am sending out 200 Save The Dates. Dope concept🚬🚬
@dredurr Thanks Deandre! Our pricing is comparable to Minted, but it is high when you're ordering 200 of them. If you weren't already sending out save the dates I'd send you a discount! 😄
@dyah10 @dredurr would love to try...were getting married in September, any chance we could get a discount code ;)
@bdesseyn you got it! Email me at dominique@xopostcard.com and we'll hook you up.
@dredurr 400$ when you're planning a wedding probably doesn't seem that much in the end ahahahah
Love this idea.
@jojithumma sweet, thank you Joji!