Xiaomi Redmi Go

A $65 smartphone from Xiaomi

5 inch 16:9 HD display with 1280x720 resolution so you can get a clear and crisp gaming experience. With its high screen-to-body ratio and ultra-thin design, it's light enough to hold easily in one hand.
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I like the race to the bottom that is happening lately for smartphone prices, the effects smartphones and general access to internet can have especially on developing economies is pretty drastic
Xiaomi always is my fav
Why are so many devices nowadays released only in India? There are so many countries where this device would be a huge hit. I guess that the assumption is that many people in India do not have a lot of money to spend on smartphones but that's the case in the many places worldwide. Besides, even if someone does have a lot of money to spend on high-end phones, why should they not be able to buy a really cheap phone to use as a backup device or to give to their young kids? Can somebody explain this decision to me?
Can this be bought in the US yet?
After doing so well in China, Xiaomi really is expanding their oversea market...