Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha

The newest from Xiaomi with a wrap around display

Mi MIX Alpha showcases an innovative Surround Screen with a screen-to-body ratio of more than 180.6%. The device features the world’s first 108MP camera, and is crafted with a one-of-a-kind combination of titanium alloy, ceramics and sapphire
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Wow, I can't think of any real uses I guess, but I really want this now, a screen to body ratio of 180.6% even if this does not take off, it's so nice to see a change in smartphone design from time to time
Woo! Make phones weird again!
I had a 40MP phone before it was a thing... I can tell you MP just makes pictures big not better. Anyway, I glad companies keep on trying different things and new designs. Better than apple and google that have no balls to create a side project or something innovative.
so, now there's no need of a front camera for selfies and whatever, right?
This is a good concept phone. Weird good.