Xiaomi Mi A3

Xiaomi's new budget phone with a 43MP camera

The Mi A3, is an Android One handset from Xiaomi, with high-end hardware modules at an affordable price point. It sports a AMOLED display, a trio of 48MP, 8MP and 2MP camera sensors on the back to take detailed and sharp photos, and a 32MP selfie shooter.
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That camera looks so good, Android one would definitely be my choice if I was to ever switch as well.
I get nervous about unknown companies (unknown to me anyway)... has anyone done biz with these folks? Safe? Legit?
@jimcanto get outside your bubble :-) Xiaomi makes really great phones with a reasonable price tag. Basically xiaomi makes affordable powerful and highly reliable phones. Using different models of low and mid price range and like it for almost 2 years. After them Samsung with their ridiculous price looks like a sick joke.
@jimcanto it's not an unknown company. big company with great products.
@kpavlovsky_pro1 Thank you! And, I'd love to get outside my bubble. But apparently I'm stuck inside the carbon fiber version. Ugh. However, I will give myself credit for being wise enough to ask and humble enough to admit my shortsightedness was likely self-inflicted. :-)
@jimcanto switched to them since Mi 4, MIUI OS was OK but Mi A1/2/3 with Android One is the best tech/value for your money. JFYI, I somehow manage to break/loose phones 3-4 times per year due to sports activities so it's way cheaper for me to own these :)
This is great and a welcome development
Is NFC available in this model? To allow payments with the phone at the shops...
This phone won't work in North America. Why did you bother hunting this? Do you enjoy reminding us that we pay 100x higher costs for phones here in the US?
@darthyeddin um, excuse you but last time I checked, PH was not a US-exclusive website πŸ˜† There's plenty of users from Europe, Asia and basically from all over the world.