HD portable wireless projector with 720p HD image up to 180'

XGIMI CC Aurora allows you to bring the 180-inch screen with you on the go. With an HD 720p resolution and 4K video support, horizontal and vertical keystone correction and JBL audio system with silent heat dissipation, the CC Aurora has everything you’d need to host a viewing party any place, anywhere.

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This is a gadget I must have! I currently use a pica projector, however in daylight it is not even visible. My friend has the XGIMI H1 projector, a very very nice projector (possibly the best one I've seen).
Can it project on regular walls?
@goldy_arora Yes, just make sure the wall has a smooth surface and not rugged, thanks.
Not sure how it is different from the one already being sold on Amazon here - https://www.amazon.com/XGIMI-CC-... while on indiegogo, it says it's in project state.
@niteshmanav Hi, that one you saw is not from the official distributor, that why XGIMI doesn't provide any warranty for that listing which is currently selling on Amazon. Thus, the UI of that one is in Chinese, we spent for few months to optimized a dedicated multi-language UI for international users, and the price you may see on Indiegogo is the lowest: http://igg.me/at/xgimiccaurora , thanks.
@vancyfang : Thank you for the response Vancy. Yes! I believe those are not the global version. And hence we will see many more feature enhancement in the IGG global version. I find it interesting now. Actually, I had encountered a fraud company 2 years back on IGG : https://www.indiegogo.com/projec... and hence was little worried about it. But you guys are already creating functional units and hence I should believe in your vision and product. but please make it clear on IGG that it's not on "prototype' stage, but have already been built. :) Cheers,
@niteshmanav Hi, Nitesh, thanks for your reply and confidence to us. Yes, actually, we spent around few months to half year fine-tuning the software for the international version, and now, everything has been done. And it’s going to mass production soon, thanks for your suggestion, we will change the production stage soon https://www.producthunt.com/post...

Peachy and spiffy, good for Camping!!!!!


Definitely yes


Can't think of any

I'm chuffed about this brill pieces, mint!
Yes, I am also looking to get this stuff before they raise the price, its camping time.