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Hi Product Hunters! Thank you @kwdinc for hunting us! We built Wyzerr to change the user experience of a survey. Our surveys, which we call Smart Forms, are designed and developed to look and feel like games. These Smart Forms can capture up to 25 questions in under 60 seconds. We've been piloting Wyzerr with large enterprises for the past year and found that even the best market researchers create bad survey questions. To combat this, our new online Smart Form builder has different restrictions and features that help guide you in creating effective feedback campaigns. It's completely free to sign up for Wyzerr. Your first 100 responses are on us. Happy to answer any questions!
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@natasia_malaihollo @kwdinc love the idea, but hesitate to change UX on one-off things like surveys, especially if you're not quereying the same audience over and over. It would help assuage that fear if you did some studies comparing completion rates for your style vs surveymoney (or similar) and published them (I'd put that data right up on your homepage). Basically - Even if the UX is crappy, users are familiar with surveymonkey, and I wouldn't want to have to be the one to teach users a new survey platform. Unless you did my job for me and published the results, and showed what sort of conversion lift I could expect.
@mdavep Hi Menachem, thank you for taking the time to share such thoughtful feedback! We definitely appreciate the insight. Wyzerr is really focused on short, frequent surveys versus the one-off surveys that tend to be longer. Our best use cases are Voice of Customers or Voice of Employee surveys where you're monitoring satisfaction over time and making incremental improvements based on the feedback. With that said, we've had a great deal of customers that actually use Wyzerr for market research studies. University of Cincinnati, for example, ran a SurveyMonkey survey and collected 166 responses on a 5-question survey vs. 2,492 responses on a 15-question Wyzerr survey. In the past 3 years of alpha/beta, only 2 of our smart forms have ever presented any kind of user-use issue. We've since addressed both of those issues. Wyzerr was designed to be as intuitive as possible, hence the adaption of a lot of the same behavior and motions from popular digital platforms. We have a couple of postings comparing the drastic differences in style and theory on our blog but none on our website. I think incorporating this into our messaging is a great idea and will definitely make that change in the near future. Thank you!
I've always been a fan of new survey software - I remember the joy of discovering Typeform a year ago. This looks wonderfully designed & it's exciting to see new software come into the space. Some questions for you: - How can I move data gathered on Wyzerr into Google Sheets or Excel, if I want to analyze the data myself? - Do you give the survey hoster access to statistics about average question completion time (eg. they took far longer on this question than others)? - Have you tested this with older demographics who might not be as familiar with modern UI/UX patterns? Congratulations with the launch - definitely going to try this out for the next survey I put out. 🎉
@nickabouzeid Thanks Nick for these great questions! I want to preface my response by saying we're huge fans of Typeform and don't believe Wyzerr is a replacement for Typeform (or SurveyMonkey). There's a lot of surveys (really, forms) that are text-heavy that Wyzerr will likely never be a good tool for. Typeform is definitely the best option. For the pulse surveys, Voice of Customer/Employee studies, quick surveys of your users on new ideas/products/services, that's where we serve best. 1. We currently have a Export button on the dashboard (which you'll be able to see after you launch your first campaign) that gives you the option of exporting the data as an excel, csv, or json file. We're working on integrations with Google sheets. 2. Yes! Being that time is a huge factor in our surveys, we do track completion time on each question. You'll see the average on your dashboard. 3. Yes definitely! We get hit with "is this a millennial only tool?" a lot so one of the things we did immediately to ensure that it was intuitive across all demographics was test Wyzerr at events for senior citizens. We volunteered our services to do event surveys for events targeted at this demographic. We actually saw better completion rates (although the time to complete was a little higher than our average for the same survey). In fact, many of the respondents actually asked to re-take the survey because "it was so fun." We'd definitely love for you to try Wyzerr out for your next survey and share your feedback! Thank you.
Great stuff !! Looking forward to try it ,hope wyzer doesn't disappoint me? Thanks😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks Ayush! We hope to not disappoint you too! :) We're still very early so if there are things you see that can improve your user experience, please definitely let me know.
Congrats Natasia and Stedmon! Standard surveys need a desperate revamp and the Wyzerr platform does an excellent job of adding ease, intuition, and a strong visual component to what is frankly, a boring process 9 out of 10 times. My girlfriend is an occupational therapist and is using Wyzerr in her doctorate program to create research surveys for the elderly population, specifically because of the clever user interfaces across the survey types. Again - great job!
Amazing product! Although in my experience, once a customer has decided to give you feedback, the look and feel of the survey doesn't have much influence on whether the person will finish it or not. The primary problem is: how to get them to start...
@sarim_haq THIS. The biggest hurdle is finding the customer at a time when they want a survey. I've never said yes to those popups asking me to take a survey while browsing a website. I'm usually there for a specific purpose, and I'm not inclined to stop what I'm doing to take a survey. Seems to me, catching the user after they have completed their purpose for their visit would be the best time to do it, but even then it's hard to convince users to go through with it.
@sarim_haq @camroncade Thanks Sarim and Camron! Survey engagement is definitely a huge hurdle for all of the companies in our space. We try to address this by being short and fast enough so that you can integrate it seamlessly into the customer's journey with your business. For example, for hotels that need some market research questions answered, we suggest they integrate the survey during the booking process. For baseball stadiums that need feedback, it's integrated into open wifi. By being fun, fast, and easy, our hope is that we can touch people while they're already engaged with your company because trying to engage them outside that window is definitely tough.