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Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with options on Yelp and often I'm searching for restaurants or other things to do, nearby other destinations. This would be useful for residents but possibly more helpful when traveling. Perhaps they should partner with @andrewmason's Detour. :) h/t @riptari for this hunt in WunderWalk App Lets You Quickly Map An Urban Outing
@rrhoover Ryan - I know exactly how you feel by being overwhelmed with pins on a map. That happened to me once using Tripadvisor app in a new city, took me 20 minutes to pick a restaurant! Choice overload. It’s why we are really focused on using rich data to give WunderWalkers a walk of just 7 best places that they can trust to find what they are searching for. Thanks for the link up with Detour - I love what I see so far @andrewmaon
Love it, awesome product and awesome Ui. Reminds me of Hipmunk for travel!