Impact investing meets Capitalism.

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Wish I was accredited so I could use this product and support this kick ass team. Such an awesome company making the world a better place while also making $$$$$!
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@fletchrichman Thanks so much Fletcher!
@fletchrichman You rock dude.
Hello Hunters!! Say hello to Wunder Capital. Wunder connects individual, institutional and corporate investors with great solar projects. Watch our product video on wundercapital.com to learn more. Let us know if you have any questions! Happy hunting :) - Team Wunder
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I am an investor in @Wunder (full disclosure!), but I invested because this is a rare business where every stakeholder wins. Less reliance on oil, more renewable energy and self-sufficiency, businesses save money, investors make money. What's not to love? Bryan, really proud of what you and the whole Wunder team have done.
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@nglaros @wunder Thank you so much Nicole!
@nglaros @wunder You are the best!
Reminds me of https://neighborly.com/how-it-works, a bit. Interesting that it's so focused on solar on the website, yet the presentation here on PH is much more generic. I imagine there are other target areas in Wunder's future?
@ryanjamurphy Hey Ryan, solid comparison. Yes, we're focused on solar currently because financing in commercial solar is underserved. In the future we might consider other renewable energy sectors as well.
Hi Wunder, who did your design? It looks super slick!
@tschellenbach Thanks! That would be the one and only @beaud. I saw you guys come through my feed recently, planning on taking a look at your API.
Thanks @tschellenbach! I've been working on it with our engineers -- it's a work in progress but it's getting there ;D What do you think works best and what needs some more work? Basically, what areas could we improve on?