Helps you decide where to eat 😋

WTE gives you 3 recommendations on top-rated restaurants, cafes, or bars based on your preference.

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This looks really nice @sun_anyi 🙌 Do you have data is restaurants all around the world or specific places only? Also, where do you source the data from?
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@amrith Thank you! We use the Foursquare API for data source, so there's data on restaurants/cafes/bars all around the world.
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I'm sure it was intentional, but that name - WTE, excellent. Best of luck with this app!
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@chris_mitroka Lol! Yes the name was intentional. Glad you like it!
Hi @sun_anyi, I love your idea. In a later update, will we be able to search more options like "Sushi" for example, and will there be an iOS version in the future?
@angeliquesocial Thanks Angie! We do plan on adding features for setting specific food preferences. We are not currently developing the iOS version, but if we see enough traction, it's definitely something we'd like to do.
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It's good offer. I would be interested in the children's menu оf the nearest cafes and preferably with a photo.
@mirranda That's a great insight! We currently get photos and venue information from Foursquare, so we will only be able to display the menu info/pic if someone uploads it to Foursquare. However, in the future, we can add a "kids-friendly" preference to the app so it's easier to filter venues. Thanks for your insight!