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I am now the proud owner of 🍆✊💦.ws
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@brianbest ha oh god...
@brianbest Always nice to see my work being put to good use...
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@jonroig thank you for making this a reality 😁
@brianbest ha ha this is 😂😍😂
@brianbest As you should be :D
Tempted to buy so many domains... but then what? 🤔
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@rrhoover then you are the proud owner of emoji domains
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@rrhoover Same thought! I guess I'll redirect it to my website? Waiting to see where the proud owner of 💩.ws points their domain 😏 so far it just says "woot"
@rrhoover Buy this for PH 😺.ws 😁 .
@rrhoover Same feeling here.
@rrhoover Ryan if you purchased any, do you still own them or did godaddy remove them from your account?
Welcome to the future folks - register emoji domains! @nivo0o0 you'll obviously love this too. Dread to think what would be done with this
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@bentossell Thanks for sharing this! I really appreciate it! Always satisfying to finish a project a 3:00 am, get a few hours of restless sleep, and wake up to people actually using the thing I built. That's why I love being a Developer!
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Any 1 char emoji domains left?
@eonpilot Don't think so, I checked *a lot* about a year ago.
@eonpilot Yep, quite a lot if you hunt around. Even some face ones: https://xn--qeiaa.ws/domain/%F0%... Note: I didn't just spend the last couple hours looking 👀
@fredrivett 🤔 Couln't find any....I would'nt mind 🍌@gmail.com though....I'll keep my 👀 peeled 😜
com'on facebook this is 2016
twitter too
@tonybrix It works on Instagram.