The simplest way to start hiring for your startup

Wrk is a hiring platform that provides an affordable way for small businesses to get a handle on their hiring process—a seamless set of features to create custom job posts and application forms, manage incoming candidates, and document the entire journey.
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Looks great @gertig and @dugdaniels! This team knows everything there is to know about recruiting and hiring, so if you're looking for a hiring platform that just works, you can't go wrong with Wrk.
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@ahow 🙌 Thanks Adam!
Wrk is a product that puts design and customer needs at the forefront. I appreciate the thought that's gone into making this experience simple and easy to use.
Wrk just launched and I wanted to highlight it on Product Hunt. Wrk was founded by the talented Andrew Gertig and Corey Daniels. Wrk is a fresh approach to hiring software that's geared towards helping small teams get their hiring efforts up and running. Currently the main features are: - A hosted job board and application forms for presenting your jobs to the world. - A streamlined applicant tracking system for managing your candidates. - A powerful editor for documenting the process. Currently free to explore the application while you set up your jobs so I encourage you to try it out.
@maccaw Alex, thank you for hunting Wrk!
Nice! Love the simplicity of info architecture and how clean everything is!
@matt_leighton Thanks Matt! A lot of time went into trying to make the design as clean and simple as possible. Really just wanting the content to take center-stage in an intentional way. Glad to hear it's striking the right chord with you!
Looks amazing @dugdaniels and @gertig! Congrats on launching!
@andy_busam Thank you Andy!