Hi all, we're super excited to finally launch! WriteDaily is a one-week writing challenge we built to improve our own writing with daily prompts.

Choose your track, and get daily email reminders with pre-formatted Medium templates to make writing and sharing easy.

Interested? See what users are writing -> https://medium.com/tag/writedaily.

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Looks great but I'm getting an error when trying to sign up using my Medium account - "Cannot GET /med"
@seffa121 Thanks for pointing that out. We're looking into it.
@mfan all good! Let me know when I can sign up
@seffa121 Should be fixed. Can you try again now?
@seffa121 same here, just happened
@seffa121 Same happening to me
Cool product @ibbi @mfan @sashank_thupukari I'm currently working on my second book and definitely feel being motivated by a group could help me commit to my targets... were you working on longer writer pieces that inspired you to build this?
@abadesi That's awesome! We're not writing novels, but we do love to write, and we've found that a few of the biggest pain-points we've personally encountered with getting practice in was a lack of inspiration, a lack of motivation, or feeling intimidated when posting to some of the larger online groups- we're hoping that WriteDaily can help get people motivated and excited about writing again. Good luck on your book!
I like the way you prompt but i have figured it out only because i have asked myself what the hell the difference of your service is compared to silly reminders. I would recommend to polish your marketing claim to tell more about these nice prompts and the publishing process.
@llabball Great note, we should definitely make that clearer. Thanks for pointing it out
This is very cool! A lot like WordPress.com's own Daily Prompts activity https://dailypost.wordpress.com/... Goodluck on your new product! :)
@arunsathiya Lots of our prompts were inspired by theirs!
Great job!! Will surely check it out