Write Together is a new spin on blogging, designed around teaching the art of writing through the power of habit. Follow other writers, talk in the community, and write together, not alone.

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Love the GitHub-style streak visualization. Idea: It might be useful to provide sub-communities/topics people can participate in. I'm imagining groups of writers around different interests such as tech, sports, film, fictional storytelling, etc. What's planned next, @ow!?
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@rrhoover thanks dude! 🙌 I have a pretty solid roadmap with some great new features coming in the next few days, even (and our roadmap/issue tracker is entirely public, too, as the community helps shape development). Writing groups (and writing teams, for private groups) are coming soon; members will be able to create or join a community that write about a specific topic or theme, adding prompts and 'writebacks' which are an integrated way or replying to someone's blog with an entire new writing post. I'm excited, mostly because we've seen 90 people contribute more than 140 posts so far! It's clear that there's a huge movement back toward writing online, and not public by default, but it's been way too difficult. I'm hoping we can change that, and teach some new folks along the way how to write, together.
Very cool. Mind explaining if there is a difference between this and https://200wordsaday.com/ which was featured a few days earlier. Seems very similar. Congrats on launch!
@talkaboutdesign lots of differences! First of all, I've really focused on user interaction in the community initially and building up your 'streak.' We support global timezones, so you can submit from anywhere and the day you're contributing to will be saved as the one you're in! Additionally we're building out further features including a Telegram community (which is pretty active), feeds and groups. 😉
@talkaboutdesign @ow thank goodness someone supports local timezones!
@talkaboutdesign @swlkr I took this as sarcasm but I also didn't explain why it matters very well. For a tool where you're writing against a deadline every day (midnight) that matters a lot, or you might only have a small window to contribute if, say, you're in New Zealand.
@talkaboutdesign @ow no i meant it, 200wordsaday doesn't have local timezones, neither does wip.chat

You should try it.


It's evolving rapidly, and already has a great community


It's still very new

Why do I fail? read that please I write it😃writetogether.space/posts/65/why-do-i-fail
@ergunsimsek thanks for sharing! I'm glad to see someone using public URLs already ;)

I’ve been using Write Together for the past few days and it’s surprised me how many thoughts are floating around in my subconscious. I sit down to write not knowing what I’m going to say and then words flow out.

Mostly I’m enjoying the community and look forward to getting to know the others on this journey.

For me at $5/mo it’s a no brainer, give it a shot for a month and if it doesn’t work for you? You’ve wrote some words, met some folks and spent a fiver.


Enables a habit to build whilst getting to know other writers, plus speed of iteration from @ow is 🔥


Still early stage, some bugs and functionality missing that would be nice but nothing major and iterating quickly.