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Good to see this hunted..! Love mine. Calendar boxes and dots for me. I think this concept and platform for notebook ordering can only get better with more and improved templates. Maybe allowing community creations? Nearly time for a re-order... maybe subscription 1-click auto re-order in future too..?
@sheppyc Thanks Chris - Subscription and one-click ordering is ordering is on the cards. Perhaps an Echo integration? ;) "Alexa order me a pack of Wrights with dots..."
Promising. I've been looking to make a customised notebook, however something I pre-design myself. Are you considering uploading for this? @Tom_Cartwright
@tsognanwar Hi Tsogn. Thanks for the interest. Yes - that's coming soon. In the meantime, if you are interested, you could choose "Custom" as the design, pop "See pic 1" (or similar) in the box and then just reply to the confirmation email with your designs.
@tomcartwrightuk @tsognanwar cool! gonna order one to use for story creation! added to my "No Bullshit Productivity" collection here on PH, very cool!
Love this video! Voice over is great. Nice idea. I have seen similar concept on Kickstarter a few times but i seems the level of customisation with Wright Notes is superior!
@thisdickie Glad you appreciated the VO! We have tried to offer as much customisation as possible. Although the options on the website are limited, we can cater to all needs and have only really limited them in order to make the website (some what) usable. We will iterate further to get the experience a bit slicker!
An awesome idea! Just a quick question, can I order a custom notebook for resale (for a thing I made: https://www.producthunt.com/post...). Thank you!
@giacomolaw could certainly chat about it. Drop me a note on tom at wrightsnotes.com. Thanks!