WRD Camera

Search physical printed documents using your iPhone camera

WRD Cam­era is a simple-yet-power­ful text re­cog­ni­tion tool that uses ma­chine learn­ing OCR to search printed text in real time & highlight results immediately. Snap a photo & all text in an im­age can be ex­trac­ted with just the tap of a but­ton.
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This actually works. Great app!
WRD Camera (free) is an iOS app that makes it easy to capture and extract physical printed text from books, letters, or even WiFi passwords from cafe menus, for example. Just snap a photo of the text with your camera to quickly copy it onto your device with the tap of a button. Copying specific words or phrases is also a breeze—simply draw a box around the text of interest and it's right there for you. Fast. Simple. The app also makes it possible to locate keywords and phrases in large passages of text—just enter the words you'd like to find into the search bar and they'll become highlighted on your phone screen in real time with great precision. You can import images from your Photo Library or directly from other apps, so extracting text from any image is now as fast and easy as possible. It's a great little tool intended to make your everyday life that little bit easier 😉
I think that will be useful to me
Cool app. I would use it