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Performance. Speed. Scalability. Oh yes, wpCache® comes with a dashboard…

wpCache® is not Plugin!

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What is going on here - the text on the site is nearly gibberish. It reads as if the text was Google Translated to English. Plus, all references to wpCache include the registered trademark symbol, but the USPTO doesn't show that anyone owns that mark. The quotes appear to be egregiously faked, too - does this quote really look like it came from Bloomberg? "We increased about 200x times the speed of the WP website, skipping the previous company with the fancy name. Installation of wpCache was done in just 2 minutes." Searching on Google for the review quotes just comes back to the wpCache website - these reviews are totally made up. Very fishy.
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Ahmed CogenliDigital Media Professional
@iota Thanks for the warn, I just changed my mind on giving it a try
Philip IngramChief Thinker-Upper, Tellatek.com
hmm, no code to follow in Git, testimonials look way fake, same mentioned on their twitter feed but never shows as coming from original sources, they are from cayman islands which is a red flag for scams but why even mention that, seriously even in the Git account, why? But I do like the website and the glitchy text effects.