WP Medium Editor

Replace your WordPress post editor with Medium Editor.

WP Medium Editor is a minimalist post editor for WordPress.

Hey PH, I'm thrilled to release WP Medium Editor - A minimalist Post editor for WordPress. It strips off most non-essential part of the default editor. An important note though: WP Medium Editor is not suitable for heavy editing like creating tables. If all you do is simple editing, you are welcome to use this plugin. Thank you!
@adetona77 Looks awesome, but can it be enabled on a per-user basis? A lot of my authors are already tied to the WP default editor and the change would be.. well, controversial.
@luqven Once installed, it become available to every user.
Good looks!
@_davisnz Thank you Davis!
Looking nice! :) Good luck!
i like this. hope the folks looking at Gutenberg take a look at something like this - small, less complicated.
@ebrahimkhalil Thanks for the good comment.
It's look good, and esay to use !