Schedule meetings in seconds from your iMessage conversations
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I've been using Woven Calendar the past 6 months and it's not an exaggeration to say that it's saved me dozens of HOURS in "scheduling wars" - endless back and forths of "are you available next tuesday" - followed by a "no, but are you free the wednesday after that?" Woven's solution is so much more elegant than anything else out there right now and I'm excited for this new feature - which is very Sunrise-esque!
@joelrunyon Thanks so much! We're excited to bring scheduling into the modern era πŸ˜„
πŸ‘‹Hi Hunters! Today we're excited to announce Woven for iMessage. Now you can quickly schedule meetings without ever leaving a conversation. When you update to the latest version of Woven for iOS πŸ“±, you'll see our orange Woven logo in the iMessage app drawer (pro tip: you can longpress and drag to put it in your favorites on the left side). The next time you're trying to set up a meeting over text, tap on the Woven icon and choose an event template. You can suggest specific times πŸ•‘or offer any available time πŸ“–. Tap "Insert link" and send! The other person will be able to select and schedule a time that works for them, even if they're not a Woven user themselves. Let us know how it goes! We are always interested in hearing from you at
Now we just need a slack integration!
Thanks @the_scott_davis ! We're looking into how to bring this same power to Slack right now =) Anything else you'd like to have integrated into your Slack experience?
I love how easy this makes my scheduling flow! I have a couple of clients who only text so being able to quickly and easily drop a scheduling link in our flow without ever leaving our thread is amazing!

Woven already made my scheduling and calendaring journey and timeline so much better than it was before (think 8-10 hours per week down to less than 1 hour). The addition of iMessage integration makes it that much better and it's even easier to schedule wherever I am and in whatever thread I'm talking to clients in!


easy to use, has all the benefits of calendly built in, can be used across all platforms and updates in real time.


not on android yet