Woven is an intelligent calendar, designed to simplify scheduling and help optimize your time.

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Hey Product Hunters! 👋 Excited to 🚀Woven Calendar today and share what we’ve made. We started Woven with the goal of helping everyone make the most of their time, whether at work, home, or play. The v1 we’re launching today is designed especially for independent professionals and small businesses—people who do a lot of scheduling or traveling for their events. Our desktop and iOS apps sync with your existing Google calendar and provide a couple of unique new features to start: 1) we show your events on a map with automatic 🚘time calculations; and 2) you can collaborate with guests to find the best time and place to meet. But we’ve also built a new backend for the calendar that will let us do lots of other interesting things. A few ideas we’ve talked about: - Analytics for your time 📊 - Rich attachments (docs, videos, agendas) 📂 🎬 - Automated task/work time scheduling ☑️ So…what would you like your calendar to do for you? Looking forward to your ideas and feedback!
@bob_ryskamp Love the app so far. Big feature ask: Integration to notetaking so the event becomes auto-linked to the note and you can go back and find it. Ideally that would be a push to Apple Notes, Evernote, or others. Also acceptable, but less ideal would be its own stripped-down note taker. Regardless, would love to see an icon on a meeting with notes so you know it has them (or doesn't.)
@mikeorren Thanks! What's your favorite note-taking app for meetings? We'll look into ways we could integrate there. Also, any particular structure or features you use when taking notes? e.g. checklists, agendas, action items, etc?
@bob_ryskamp Congratulations on the launch. I'm excited to see the calendar continue to receive attention from makers. How sophisticated do you plan on going with suggested places? Personally that would be a big one for me. Finding places is more difficult for me than finding times. Even in NYC, that I know very well, it would be great if I could choose from 3-5 suggested meeting places based on my history. For example, if the calendar knew I went to LPQ for meetings often, it could suggest one close to the meeting for a meeting spot.
@bob_ryskamp congrats on the launch! I've been looking for a great calendar app since Sunrise shut down a while ago, and Woven looks very promising :) Quick question: do you have a native desktop app for Mac? or by Desktop app you mean the browser app? thanks!
@bashkoff Great idea! Suggested places is still mostly just "recent" places, but with the calendar graph we're building we'll soon be able to be smarter about this. By looking at who you're meeting, where you're coming from, and what the event title is, we could suggest an LPQ for "Coffee with Jane", or perhaps a coworking spot for "Phone interview". Stay tuned!
I signed up, but stopped at the Google permissions (See and download your contacts; See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar; Send email on your behalf; View and modify but not delete your email). I've never actually dinged an app at this stage, but this does seem excessive. E.g. "permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar", modify email? Hope this can get pared back a bit, or explained better.
@ryanstenson Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. One of the most helpful features for our test users was connecting their email and calendar workflows; of course that requires access to both products. And we plan to implement addition and sharing of calendars, though currently have no plans to delete Google calendars (and we'd never do that without you requesting it). To Google's credit, they're very careful and explain the most extreme possibilities that connecting apps could do. We're also very careful with your data (here's our privacy policy: https://woven.com/privacy) and you can remove our access to your account at any time from your Google account settings if it's a concern. Hope that helps and thanks for the comment!
@ryanstenson Thanks for the feedback. You are right we should have done a better job explaining how these permissions are used. Here is our current attempt, let me know if this helps explain things a bit better: https://support.woven.com/faq/ho...
@ryanstenson Yeah that stopped me too, well that and permission to read all emails has become a non-starter for me. No matter how much convenience the app might add to my life. I feel like the amount of apps asking for sensitive email information is becoming a ticking time bomb from a security standpoint. I don't know exactly where the privacy balance is, but this app looks pretty awesome so great work guys.
@ryanstenson @bob_ryskamp Re: privacy policy -- it's insufficient. For many corporate users calendar and email data is highly sensitive data (i.e. title/description contains confidential information related to product development, r&d, etc..). The privacy policy leaves it pretty open for how this might be stored, accessed and used -- a critical blocker for many. The remedy: it needs to be encrypted, access strictly limited to that necessary to provide the service to the users, and other usage limited to certain kinds of metadata only.
@villeodell Appreciate the detailed feedback, we'll look into each of those suggestions. Definitely understand that many people have corporate policies that they need to follow; we want to support them too!

Woven is the only way I access my calendar now. I feel that Woven for iOS has almost made desktop calendaring obsolete - I can now do everything on my phone, no computer required


It has significantly decreased the amount of back and forth with scheduling


none for me

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It's the best calendar app since Sunrise! I know big call but i'm beyond impressed with the tool and the team behind it. Their roadmap is impressive and they release new updates frequently. Highly recommend.


Templates, Keyboard shortcuts, Integration with Uber, Auto Timezone Support. The list goes on and on.



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I'm reluctant to give up calendar management to a VA and have been looking for something like this. Giving this a try right away.
Thanks @rrhoover ! One of our design goals is to give people more scheduling powers so that they *can* actually understand their time usage and manage their own schedules. Lots of opportunities to accelerate and streamline time management. Let us know how it goes!
@rrhoover me too, just installed
@liveink Thanks Kevin! Love Farmstead, it's a lifesaver with young kids in the house!
@bob_ryskamp I just went to register but the app requires access to view my email. I'm too paranoid to give any apps access to that. Is there any workaround?
@rrhoover The current functionality combines email and calendar features, so unfortunately it's not possible right now to separate the permissions. One of the insights we've had working with beta customers is that, since so many scheduling requests start with email, it's hard to provide a complete experience without it. If we had a version with reduced email integration (e.g. no email Assistant, no ability to view emails connected to an event) would that still be appealing to you?