You can buy/create, develop, track and sell websites/web-based businesses using Worth Of Web.

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I just checked mine. I'm pre-launch, but if I sell it, I could go to the movies. By myself..
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@liquidchickenqq at home and on demand for 6 bucks, or you mean at a theater!? that is crazy money - take the offer!
Wow @ProductHunt is worth $68 million 🤑
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@gabriel__lewis @producthunt how does this work? How reliable is the information?
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@rrhoover can you confirm for us that you worth $68m?
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@gabriel__lewis @producthunt And they got acquired for $20m appx, makes me wonder the accuracy. cc: @rrhoover
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@gabriel__lewis @producthunt I'll give you tree fiddy for it.
It says my fathers 15M/yr ecommerce site is worth 35k haha, seems accurate.. not a hipster startup I guess.
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@tjholowaychuk and who's your father? :P
At first I thought "oh no - another terribly inaccurate website worth calculator" but I tested out a bunch of different domains for various companies and was actually impressed at how accurate some of the metrics are. Sure, some of them are pretty far off, but it's more accurate than most of the other automated tools out there by a long shot.
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Now I know mine is worth 84 dollars 😄
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@mrcalexandre ha, mine is worth $70. We should both sell and go out for a really nice lunch. 🤑
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@kleneway Haha yes great idea 💡
@mrcalexandre I made it to triple digits! $118! I should start planning my exit.