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Hey there hunters! My name is Pablo, I'm the CEO and Co-Founder of Worona. It is our very first time being featured in Product Hunt and we couldn't be happier :D Our current technology (Worona 0.7) is a beta version able to turn WordPress sites into Mobile Apps, but we have bigger ambitions. The ultimate goal of Worona is to provide the best experience for WordPress sites on mobile devices. So more services like webapps, AMP or Facebook Instant Articles will be added to the current "WordPress to App" service. We didn't expect to be featured here before releasing our 1.0, and we can't wait to launch it and show it to you. I invite you to read about our future plans in this post I wrote to our users: https://blog.worona.org/the-maki... > We also want to give a 20% discount in all our products to this community, you can use the coupon: hunt20 I'm here to answer all your questions, so feel free to ask!
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@poliukgv Cool product Pablo, good luck👏
@umitakcn Thanks Umit!
@poliukgv great stuff! Pablo, my first startup Appifier (founded 2011, raised 2012, acquired late 2013) was doing exactly this WordPress to App conversion. If you want any learnings, feel free to reach out to me - it'd be my pleasure. Background: http://techcrunch.com/2012/01/11...
@gozmike Hello Mike! That would be great. Here you have my email pablo(@)worona.org ping me so we can talk :D
@poliukgv I would recommend improving the text on your website about Publishing. It says, "If you don’t want to deal with the process of compiling your app, or you don’t want to spend your time uploading your app to the Apple app store or Google Play , let us do the work for you!" But the main selling point is not the time spent to upload; it's the money spent to have a Developers account with Apple. You should mention that clearly. "If you don't want to deal with the process of compiling your app, or you don't have an Apple Developers membership (which costs 99 USD/year and is required to upload to the App Store), let us do the work for you!"
Wordpress should back you and make it an optional default theme. Publishing a fully working wordpress website on devices might be flawless and natural, show them the way. Thanks.
@steveraffner wow Steve, thanks for such kind words.
Congrats for your product, definitively I will spend some time with this. Surprisingly not many solutions like this in the market. The biggest problem for me is that extensions maintenance should be granted forever. I guess these extensions are not Open Source, isn't it?
@jesusramirezs Hi Jesus. I am the CTO. I am really glad you like Worona :) The next version (Worona 1.0) will have both free and premium themes/extensions. And we will open the platform to 3rd party developers and designers who will be able to upload both free or paid themes/extensions as well. Their choice. We believe in Open Source software. It is changing the world and we want to be part of it so Worona itself will remain always open sourced. But we also believe that not everything has to be free or open sourced so we want to allow both worlds in our themes/extensions marketplace. Sometimes open source projects are maintained and incredible powerful but sometimes they are not. And still, there's people willing to pay for a solution and people willing to get paid to maintain a project. Both approaches are already working together in WP itself and other related communities like WooCommerce with excellent results. We want to embrace that diversity from Worona's core. Besides that, Worona 1.0 will include other "mobile-related" services. We are going to start with "Native apps" (to upload to the AppStore and Google Play) and "Web apps" (same UX than Native apps, but loaded from the mobile browser). Then, we will add more services: Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles. Maybe more in the future if other channels appear. Worona's vision is to help WP owners reach mobile users with an appropriate user experience, not matter if that's with an installed app, in a mobile browser, a Google search (AMP) or inside Facebook (Instant Articles). But I understand your concern about extensions maintenance. So right here, right now, I give my word that if we ever have to close the company, we will open source any theme/extension which is not open sourced yet.
@luisherranz Thank you for your detailed reply. I didn't raise my question right. I should have used the words "source available" instead of "Open Source". I fully agree with you, not everything have to be free or Open Souce, example: WordPress premium themes in fact. I did not intent to detract from the product. Do you plan to add social features? for example, an extension that allows readers to publish their own contents, comments, moderation... I see here lots of possibilities!
@jesusramirezs Yes, I'd love to host all our code in our public Github account, even the premium extensions. I've seen some paid WP plugins doing so and it has its advantages. For example, I've done pull requests to one of them, even that I am a paying customer, so I see the benefits. Besides, they can serve as examples of how to make Worona's extensions, which is nice as well. Regarding the social features you ask, we haven't thought on those particular features, but we would love to see them in Worona :) That's one of the beauties of open source, there are not limits. You can extend them to add exactly what you need. We are putting a lot of care in the Worona 1.0 development experience because we want extending Worona to be a delightful experience, way easier than it is extending WordPress today. But until we get to that point, there's still a lot of work to do ;)
Turn your WordPress into an App, OK. I just wonder: Why? ...maybe you should show some use cases?
@ricricucit Hello Enrico, thanks for your feedback :) The ultimate goal of Worona is to provide the best experience for WordPress sites on mobile devices. Apps are just the starting point to provide this delightful mobile experience. We saw that WordPress owners were asking for Apps so we provided them a free & Open Source solution. You can read a bit more about our vision here: https://blog.worona.org/the-maki...
@poliukgv not sure wordpress-to-app is a service I'll ever be interested in. ...and I still think some use cases would help your marketing pages to actually show the most common uses, based on real-world applications. Also because after your answer, I still don't get the point :) Anyway, just my 2 cents. Good luck!
@ricricucit right now, our technology is only able to turn simple WordPress sites into Apps. Most of the apps created using worona are blogs and newspapers. The Apps allow users to access content offline, and also to receive push notifications. We really appreciate your suggestion, real examples are something we definitely have to add to our site.
@poliukgv @ricricucit yeah it would really help to have real examples of WordPress sites converting over. The problem I see that most large blogs now distribute content through social media and some smaller ones have moved to Medium or other platforms. I don't know when I think about installing an app of any of the blogs I consume I don't know if I really would. I already have too many apps. I see notifications powerful as an external trigger much better than Email. Especially since iOS doesn't support Web notifications yet but I wonder if you'll get users to install an app just for that. What else makes the experience better over the mobile web to users?
@kesslerio hey Martin, thanks for joinin the conversation! We totally agree with you, blogs now distribute content using multiple channels. We consider this a great opportunity. Our goal is to provide WordPress administrators the best tool to adapt their sites for mobile consumption, and Apps are only one of the channels to cover. We have plans to add more services to our platform: AMP (for Google searches & Twitter), Facebook Instant Articles, Web-Apps (for people who won't install the App version of the site :wink: ). There is still a lot of work to do but we want WordPress Administrators to be one-click away from adapting their sites to all the mobile distribution channels. Mobile Apps have features that make them more convenient than websites (specially sites with server side rendering). Offline content, Instant loading and push notifications are some of those features. HTML5 is bringing most of these features to mobile sites, and we are going to be able to provide the same "app-like" experience in webapps (you can read more here: https://blog.worona.org/the-maki...). We understand some people won't install apps, but others find them more useful than accessing and URL, in any case we will cover both channels. Medium is becoming really big, and lot of people is leaving their personal WordPress blogs. At the same time WordPress is growing and now powers 26% of the sites, so we still consider WordPress a great market to cover.
This looks promising! I'm wondering about the extensions, are there any plans to add comments and member features to the extensions and allowing for in-app interactions?
@janet_alexandersson Hello Janet! Thanks for your interest. We are working in a new version of the technology, it will be released in a few months. Comments will be released by then. What do you mean by "member features allowing in-app interactions" ? Only comments, or you were thinking in something else? :) Pd. You can read a bit more about our plans here: https://blog.worona.org/the-maki...