Worn On TV

Buy clothing worn in your favorite TV shows

You are watching your favorite TV Show and you spot an amazing clothing, what you do is go on the Worn On TV website and find it! It is going to be right there, you can buy it directly or even browse more clothing from different shows. Feel like a TV star wearing the same pieces of clothing as the actresses and the actors!

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uhhh - this is a cool BLOG and all - but Spylight is a true technological step forward whereas this is not. also, spylight works with shows on set, whereas this is basically just fans opining on tv fashions, no research behind it. this is the azlyrics to spylight's genius.com!!
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Yesterday Spylight launched, surfacing outfits worn by actors and actresses in TV and film. I've also seen technology that uses interactive annotates while videos are playing to highlight things for purchase but can't remember the name.
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Violeta Nedkova
Creative Rebel Coach
@rrhoover This is the next step. Love it.
Guy Gal
Growth at Joyus
@rrhoover you're thinking of DeliveryAgent
Erin AlexaProud Chicagoan.
Worn On TV has to be killing it with affiliate links. Can't even imagine.