'Research-Engine' is now Memex:

🔍Search, 📝Annotate and ⚡️Organize what you've read online - blazingly fast.

Check out its latest version here:


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This would be great for finding that link you visited 3 days ago without digging through all of your history.
I've been having some trouble with importing my URLs, but afterwards... this is one of those products that makes you think "why hasn't this been made yet?"
@jeffrey_wyman Hey Jeffrey! First of all, thanks for hunting us. Got us really some nice exposure. :) What problems do you encounter with the import?
I think the is the first of it's kind. I've yet to find a Chrome extension that I can "google search" my history and bookmarks urls.
@antflore5 Hello Anthony! What do you understand with Google Search your history and bookmark urls? If you mean search in all of the content of all your pages in your history and bookmarks, then this tool is exactly what you are looking for :)
This looks very promising. Installing on personal profile and testing for a few days before I install it for work. Edit: Welp, this didn't take long. The extension does not honor the blacklist for 'localhost' :/ @realworldbrain
@parwinder @realworldbrain Thanks taking the time to test out and writing us this feedback I opened up an issue: https://github.com/WorldBrain/Re... We'll work on it as soon as we can.
@oliversauter @realworldbrain Thanks! I'll add details to the issue.
@parwinder @realworldbrain Update to the people: There is actually no bug - blacklist works as it should. More you see in this Github issue: https://github.com/WorldBrain/Re...
@oliversauter Thanks Oliver for a quick turnaround. Blacklist works as expected 😊
Welcoming every feedback here! Working on making it even better.
@oliversauter Looking forward to trying this. Question on the download page - "DON'T LEAVE THIS PAGE WITHOUT PAUSING!" - Should I read this as "DON'T CLOSE THIS TAB WITHOUT PAUSING!" ?
@edholloway Hey Ed! Just don't leave the page at all, put it in a background tab and it will do its magic :) I know its not the most convenient solution, we are working on a refactoring at the moment that will make it better! Hope you enjoy using the tool anyway! Oliver