Memex 1.0

Search, Annotate and Organize what you've read online.

A browser extension to eliminate time spent bookmarking, re-googling or copy-pasting notes into scattered docs.
πŸ” Full-text search your web history and bookmarks
πŸ“ Annotate Websites
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😎 All data stored on your device
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Almost 2 years after our first Product Hunt appearance (thanks @jeffrey_wyman for the first hunt!) we released a completely reworked Memex. The new app has dozens of new features, a spiffy new interface and improved stability. Today we also offer the ProductHunt community a 50% discount on Memex Pro - the automatic backup (and soon syn) feature. Use the coupon code PRODUCTHUNT on the checkout page. ## The mindset behind Memex: We all have this little quantum computer between our ears that magically remembers almost everything we've seen or created. Some estimate the human memory can store the equivalent of 300 years(!) of video content. It works because it connects every memory to other pieces of information. But when organizing our digital knowledge we can't really take advantage of this nifty "feature". All our information is scattered across apps and disconnected in data silos that want you and your data to be as locked-in as possible. We built Memex in a way so you can use the power of your brain and search, connect and organise in context of your broader reading and search history. Unlike existing cloud-first note-taking and bookmarking apps, everything is at your fingertips, in your browser, and you are in control of how your data is stored and shared. Just like when we started, we remain committed to growing without any Venture Capital investments. It would mean making decisions that lock you into our services, or monetize your data for the sake of growth and shareholder returns. Ultimately it would lower the ability to build software that truly connects information across silos and that works in the foremost interest of you, the users. It was quite a challenge to build a search tool that runs completely offline-first and in the browser, and raise money for open-source software with an alternative economic model called Steward Ownership ( Lots of unpaid time, goodwill and sweat went into making this possible. And there is still lots to improve - constant Beta I guess :) ### 2019 Roadmap Let us know what you want to see in Memex. So far we plan to release these new features in 2019: βœ… Leave annotations on web-based PDF documents βœ… Save, tag, annotate and search Tweets in Memex βœ… Nested Collections βœ… Sync your Memex across multiple devices βœ… Mobile apps for iOS and Android βœ… Pocket/Readability-like archive and full-page snapshots βœ… Share and publish Memex collections of pages, posts and annotations so others can discover your personal knowledge base Full Roadmap: ### Crowdfunding our multi-device sync and mobile app. We are now working on building the multi-device syncing feature. We need your help getting us through the finish line including the first mobile apps for iOS and Android. Chip in 10€ and get 40€ in premium credits you can use for any premium Memex upgrade once the new features launch.
@jeffrey_wyman @oliversauter Great tool! I've got a question though: What's the difference between the crowdfunding and just buying a pro account? I mean, do I get the premium features at once when I chip in? Or should I then buy the pro version AND after that chip in?
If you just buy the pro account, you have a service (backup) right away. If you chip in you'll get the rewarded 4X when the sync launches (~2 months from now). Those credits (e.g. 40€) you can then use for either the sync, or wait and use it for any other premium upgrade that launches afterwards (e.g publishing & co-curation of collections) TL:DR you can do both.
Oh my god. I have like 3-4 browser extensions that have bookmarks or lists and my bookmarks and all the things that are mental contexts saved into a list of links or "ill need this" and it's so chaotic to search there or remember it. And the "I've seen that somewhere" feeling I get when my history search shows up empty is annoying, why aren't browsers smarter? But this. I was installing it and thinking "man it better have import bookmarks or I'm out of here" and of course it does! Even for raindrop and pocket and instapaper - I can finally remove them 😁 The UX seems great, can't wait to try it out over the next few days but I already think I'm going premium. Also - All data stored on your device! Awesome! Great job all over the place @oliversauter
@ianissoawesome Thanks for the praise 😻 We are about to start development of "nested collections". With that you then can also import all your subfolders you have on those services. Just keep the files and reimport them once it goes live and then it will copy your structure there too! And yes, agreed. Browsers should be much smarter. The aim/hope/goal we have is that Memex adapts itself into the browser at some point. We laid out important pieces to achieve that: 1) Open source software so Memex can adapt itself for different environments/use cases 2) Data interoperability & ownership (so users can easily move between different variants of Memex) 3) An economic model called Steward Ownership that does not require us to grow infinitely and dominate the market in order to provide returns for people contributing time and money.

Memex is a at the core of any future personal Knowledge Augmentation Engine to bring sanity to the Web. The good people @ WorldBrain know that the task of bringing sanity to the Web can only be accomplished one person at a time. The Archimedian point of Digital Knowledge is the Personal MEMEX and a recognition from the outset, that like the concept of the Wik,i is to great capability not to be shared so that it can realize its true potential. Similarly with the MEMEX idea, it is too big a task to be accomplished by any one company, it needs decent(ralized) bootstrapping, co-evolutionary co-design and development.


It is a personal search engine. A personal digital memory extender for the Web. The antidote to digital amnesia, a hope for the world.


New features are added daily. If you are not (yet) comfortable with continually improving the way you improve the way you work, try later.

Great job!!πŸ˜€ Have to try it out
I've used this a few times to save my bones from the rampant late night browsing binges. Knowing that MY browsing history had some merit and is recoverable is a huge safety net! I've used plenty of other platforms to try keep my digital memory, but this one has the least friction by a long, long way. It's recently shifted from good to epic. so if you'd been on the fence before - try once more!
@wade_neumann Thanks Wade for the encouragement, and for being with us already for such a long time! You really have seen Memex go through almost all evolutionary steps so far, so your words mean a lot to me and us :)