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Hello, everyone! I’m excited to tell you about a cool new product ! WorldMapPortal brings virtual teleportation to life through its mixed reality set that is now available on Kickstarter campaign. The set, which includes a dynamic 2-D world map, a mobile application, and a VR Viewer, allows users to take virtual tours of countries of their choice. WorldMapPortal adopts a mixture of AR and VR technologies, presenting users with 3-D characters and objects when looking through the VR Viewer. The immersive virtual tours take users to various monuments, landscapes, and famous sites of the country and provide educational information about each location. Families can enjoy WorldMapPortal together, as it is suitable for both adults and children. Check it out, share it with your friends, bookmark it and come back later. I know the team would love some feedback and of course if you have questions, ask away :-)