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WorkSolo has launched an international version. Project management, invoicing, docs & more. Try it free.

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1 Review5.0/5
Here's the new international version on IOS folks. I hope you enjoy and I would love to hear your comments. Best S
Are you planning to make Android version?
@inna_selez if theres enough following then an android version early 2018. thx
Great product, all the best with it!
@aayushxn Its a 0.99 a month subscription.
@aayushxn @jakewesorick 30 days free and then 99c
Not available in my country.
@brunolemos should be , which country is that? thx
@brunolemos checking, thx for highlighting.
@isonnysood thats been fixed and should relay via App Store in next few hours. Thx again.