Works For All

Find a central meeting place for everyone in the group

Don't waste time trying to find a central and convenient place to meetup for everyone in the group. Just enter the address of each person joining the meetup and Works For All will give you a list of cafes and restaurants that "works for all".
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This product came out of a personal pain point. Every time I have to meet someone, I spend at least 15 minutes trying to figure the best place for us to meet. It becomes a disaster when we have our Product Manager or other meetups planned and someone ends up creating an online poll and becomes a part-time event planner to find the right place. It just felt weird that there was no product to solve a simple meetup planning problem which just needed a map, some Maths, and few API calls.
This is a real problem solver!
Congrats on the launch and amazing what you can do without code. This is a probelm for sure. I’d be interested to learn how could you get this in front of users when they have the pain of trying to meet up?
@michaeljnovotny still thinking of how to do that coz Google Maps and Mapbox API calls cost money after crossing a free quota, so it needs to be monetized somehow to be sustainable at scale. The idea was to build a Minimum Lovable Product first and see if it useful and desirable. If I get enough sign-ups, this makes more sense as a native app. My 1st idea of Go-To-Market is to show ads on free Cafe wifi and cafe tables. Also, LinkedIn and Twitter where people are planning meetups.
Would really like to see map results displayed... on a map. It's very hard to make a decision based on the results with just a list of places and no context or visualization of where the recommendations lie.
@taylor_banks You asked for it. I will build it. :)
@taylor_banks and done! Go check out the new version on the app. There is a map on the list page so that you can locate each place on it. Speed and power of #nocode