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Thanks for hunting Workplace! There's so much more to a person's career than their resume. There's the amazing *things* a person has done and the amazing *people* that they did it with.
@rypan Getting 'application error' on launch. Is this deadpooled?
From @rypan, fixer of big things like, and my awesome carpool buddy. Workplace is a neat new way to represent yourself professionally. Over the past couple months as a beta user, it's been really cool to see projects uploaded by people that would otherwise go unmentioned and/or undocumented in any real way. For me, Workplace is the missing Github and LinkedIn mashup that could help a lot of people showcase their best work with teammates.
Given the amount of commitment and passion many people put into their work, it's crazy to think how stagnant and shallow our Linked In profiles are... just a bunch of text and titles. Workplace puts your *actual* work on display. As a hiring manager, I think it's awesome to be able to see directly the projects people contributed to and the team around them.
Love the idea here to add a layer of robustness to what people actually do. And I can see multiple use cases for this. I really like how Workplace can create a portfolio for me that I can share. In the past I've used a bunch of links from Dropbox or some other disorganized method. Can you tell us more about that and anything you are set to add?
Thanks @michaeljnovotny! There is so much depth to what a person has done. My favorite part of Workplace is that it shows the people behind the work. In the future...we can't wait to pull more data from the places like GitHub or Dribbble to make your portfolio stand out.
@rypan awesome man excited for y'all and great job on a smooth looking product.
Great UX -- so much fun to connect with former colleagues on a deeper level. Can't wait to see where the product goes next!