Private, Secure, Branded Communities

WorkOutLoud is a simple yet comprehensive solution that helps your customers, partners, and employees connect, self-organize, collaborate, present challenges, and share solutions, all under the reassuring umbrella of your brand and support. Improve customer experience through direct engagement and powerful analytics.

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Hello Product Hunt! I'm Alex Lopez, a Co-Founder/Developer of WorkOutLoud - Enterprise Collaboration Platform. We create private, secure, branded communities for our customers with a web based platform with the customers needs in mind. Our communities come out of the box with a standard set of functionality but can be integrated thru an API and are able to add additional core functionality as needed. WorkOutLoud allows you to have all of the applications you love and use in your daily work flow built in to one easy to use social interface. This couples work-tools and collaboration internally and externally in a more productive, meaningful network. We provide dedicated Community Managers that will help you tailor your community the way YOU want it. Some of the applications we provide are: Collaborative tools such as, Chat, Feed, Groups, Polls, Surveys, Etc. Comprehensive Event Management for creating Events, Webinars, or Meetups with built in e-commerce payment methods. Blog tools with custom privacy/network settings and SEO built in to make sure your blog articles are noticed and searchable. Member Directory to help you find people in your network. Calendaring App with built in integration to Gmail and Outlook. We also have a suggestion engine to help to suggest relevant content and people your are interested in. Marketing, Advertising and Sponsorship functionality options our also available to deploy within your network. Analytic dashboard to give the owner complete knowledge of their community stats, and much more. Appreciate all support and feedback. ; ) For more info you can email us at and follow us on Twitter @workoutloudnow