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Big thanks to @chrismessina for the hunt and shout out to all the Hunters out there! If you're not familiar with Workfrom, we began as a web platform where people all over the world contribute the best spaces to get work done based on the things we need as professionals. We've always been people-powered and driven by our mission to provide bedrock support for every person in the mobile workforce. We're super excited to get our mobile app in your hands and provide quick access to important details about more than 5000 work-friendly spaces across 1200+ cities. Information is added by real humans actually working at the spaces they add. People run speed tests, add WiFi passwords, count availability of power outlets and include other crucial insights on what it's like to work from these spaces. There are tens of thousands of people all over the world behind Workfrom. Our slack community is where people say good morning and hello from Mumbai to Montana. People are connecting, collaborating, hiring, asking questions and sharing resources with each other every day—we'd love to have you join us! There's no need to work from this planet alone. I look forward to meeting new friends and getting your valuable feedback + insights along the way.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Much needed (and appreciated) add-on app to your awesome website!
Cool concept
Love it. No need to sign to browse - no pressure. Cheers
Great looking app. How do places get added? Can users add new places to work and specify the amenities?
@mdusing 100%. That's exactly how spaces are added. Quickest way is to hit in a browser. Scouting (adding) tools are coming soon to the app.
@darrenbuckner Okay so no in app add right now. Got ya.
@mdusing being worked on as I type this ;)
@darrenbuckner Awesome! I know it's a hard battle. You have a very nice robust web product. Looks like your iOS product is almost up to the same with features. Well done!