Workfrom 2.0

Discover where people are working remotely in a city

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I work remotely in Portland along with four of my coworkers, and Workfrom is how we pick where we're going to work every day. Excited to see it grow.
@aley thanks for the support. So great to know we're helping make your work day a bit better!
We just made our biggest updates to date—including the ability to see where others are working from in the wild! Now you can: - See who’s working nearby when they're clocked in (highly requested from the community) - Curate your own favorites list and easily share it with others - Discover public and private spaces anywhere in the world (new filters!) - Track places you’ve worked from and the places you’ve scouted on your profile Thank you all for the wonderful feedback and great ideas. Please add more here. We couldn't build this without you!
I'm a huge fan of workfrom—besides having a super useful tool, they've built an awesome community and are a great team. And they're Portland-based which always offers extra points in my book :)
@shawnmk couldn't agree more. Our community is why we exist and our motivation. Thanks for being an awesome part of that.
We're excited to have been a part of the Product Hunt community from the early days. To give back, we've setup a special code and invite for all Product Hunters. Become a VIP Member for only $25/yr or $2.50/mo -- just use "producthunter" when you upgrade your account.
Workfrom and Product Hunt have something major in common. There is tremendous value in the technology, but also the COMMUNITY. It is the combination that makes them special, which cannot be duplicated with all of the VC funding in the world. Count me in with others who chimed in here, excited to see it grow. You're not in Vegas anymore, @darrenbuckner. ;-)
@jimmydouglas appreciate the kind words, support and truth telling! Definitely not in Vegas anymore :)