Workflows by Humble Dot

A free team communication tool that eliminates meetings.

Humble Dot Workflows allows teams to save hours by replacing meetings while making communication more efficient. Pick from our library of templates to get started in a flash. Examples include weekly status meetings, project retrospectives, 1:1s, and many more!
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👋 Hunters, Thanks for checking us out! My name is Macgill and I’m the Head of Product at Humble Dot. I thought I’d share a bit about why and how we developed Workflows. Workflows is a feature that was truly inspired by our users and built around the idea that every team is unique with its own particular processes and communication styles. About a year ago, we launched Humble Dot with the goal of building happier and higher-performing teams by improving communication. To that end, we created a set of best practices - a Monday Kickoff and a Friday Wins & Shout-outs. We felt these two processes could help users get the most of our product and, therefore, build stronger, happier teams. However, from talking with our users of the last year, we’ve been amazed to see how teams have customized Humble Dot well beyond our best practice templates to fit their specific processes and needs. We saw teams create check-ins from scratch to fit entire new use cases. These included things like project retrospectives, product feature brainstorms, feedback on interview candidates, and more. Despite the variety of uses cases, our users consistently told us that they used Humble Dot because it allowed them to communicate more easily and with less noise while often times eliminating (or greatly reducing) a meeting or a messy Google Doc. Remote and distributed teams especially liked how Humble Dot allowed them to communicate asynchronously over multiple time zones. In short, we saw firsthand that every team is unique and requires their own particular processes. With Workflows, we wanted to share the many different uses cases for Humble Dot and provide teams with templates to easily find, setup, and customize the processes that work best for them. Nearly every one of our first 30+ Workflows was inspired by how a team currently uses Humble Dot. So take a look at Workflows! Pick a workflow and give us a try - it’s free 🙂! We’d love to hear your feedback and we’re eagerly looking for more ideas and categories for future workflows.
Thank you so much @hnshah for hunting our Workflows launch! Hello Product Hunt! My name Will Goto and I’m the CEO of Humble Dot. Meetings are incredibly disruptive to deep focus, particularly if you are a designer, engineer, or simply need hours of uninterrupted time to get your work done. Paul Graham (Cofounder of Y Combinator) famously wrote about how meetings inefficiently adhere to the manager’s schedule, not the maker’s schedule. In a world of remote work, globalized teams, and cross-functional projects, we need a new way to stay on the same page without endless meetings. Our goal with Humble Dot is to provide a more efficient and higher-quality form of communication without noise. Workflows is our next step to realize that goal. Our hope is to eliminate all meetings that can be run asynchronously through our product, saving countless hours for those who need blocks of uninterrupted time to be productive. Please check it out, and let us know what you think! ❤️
Making your meetings at work productive tends to require at least a little bit of structure. Sometimes a lot. The folks at Humble Dot have created templated workflows for your meetings to make them that much better. Check 'em out, pick one and go!
Super user friendly; takes my team minutes to use but saves me a ton of time as a manager; great historical tracking helps me look back to see what we were working on when as a team. Highly recommend.
@sarah2019 Really appreciate the review Sarah! Please feel free to ping me with any more feedback!
As an engineering manager, I've been using Humbledot for staying connected to my team of 14 engineers. It's been especially helpful for informing my 6-month reviews. I'm looking forward to using the workflows for new-hire onboarding for my team.
@hul Thanks Rahul, great to see you're finding Humble Dot helpful for your 6-month reviews. Let us know how you like our Workflows. Any feedback is helpful!