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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 18, 2017
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Piotr Kulpiński
Piotr KulpińskiHunter@piotrkulpinski · Full Stack Developer, maker of Chipmunk
Hi Product Hunters! It’s been really great seeing so many collection sites launched on PH over the last few months. Today I have a pleasure to present one of them myself to the PH community - WordPress Stash. It is a curated directory of resources and tools for WordPress made by @kwadwoadu. Being WordPress developer myself I find those resources incredibly valuable in my everyday work. I’m sure that some of them will be used during the development of our next WP Theme. I'm really happy to see another site made possible with the release of our latest product - Chipmunk Theme https://www.producthunt.com/@pio..., made in collaboration with @janwennesland. Dive in and enjoy the site!
Kwadwo Adu
Kwadwo AduMaker@kwadwoadu · SPACE10
@piotrkulpinski @janwennesland Thank you for hunting the site :) I've always had my own little stash of WP resources that I use for different projects. So I thought why not share my favorites and maybe people would share their favorites back as well. With more than 47,000 plugins out there it’s always a pain to find the needed resource.
Ankur Jain
Ankur Jain@ajonit · Founder, Ajonit Software LLP
@kwadwoadu A note of caution. Automattic doesn't allow their trademark word wordpress in domain names. They have got several people to shut such infringing domains.
Kwadwo Adu
Kwadwo AduMaker@kwadwoadu · SPACE10
@ajonit thanks, that's good to know - might need to figure out another domain name then
David Carpe
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
@ajonit maybe just "pressstash" - and rebuild in drupal just to be super safe? ;)
Artur Piszek
Artur Piszek@artpi · Chief Sandwich Architect @ Automattic
@kwadwoadu Awesome product! Choosing a proper WP tools is hard work, since there are so many of them! Regarding domain: indeed, WordPress Foundation (actually not Automattic) has clear rule about this: https://wordpress.org/about/doma... . We don't want people pretending to be associated with WP and convincing people to use dangerous plugins for example. You should look for another domain and I'll let know the legal folk in Automattic to give you some time so your PH traffic does not hurt :)
Daniel Friis
Daniel Friis@daniel_friis · Digital Lead @ SPACE10
Nice! This will definitely come in handy :D
Mike Garrett
Mike Garrett@mikengarrett · Founding Partner, Copper Note
Looks like a better display for http://wpgear.org/
Kien Trong
Kien Trong@kientrong · Designer
Look very nice, exactly what we are working over wpstash.com :)
Austin ☃ Passy
Austin ☃ Passy@thefrosty · Lead WordPress developer @ Beachbody
I can't up-vote your site until you abide by the foundations rules to NOT allow WordPress in its entirety in your domain name. Please see: https://wordpress.org/about/doma...