WordPress Stash

A curated directory of resources and tools for WordPress


Piotr Kulpiński
@piotrkulpinski · Full Stack Developer, maker of Chipmunk
Hi Product Hunters! It’s been really great seeing so many collection sites launched on PH over the last few months. Today I have a pleasure to present one of them myself to the PH community - WordPress Stash. It is a curated directory of resources and tools for WordPress made by @kwadwoadu. Being WordPress developer myself I find those resources incredibly… See more
Daniel Friis
@daniel_friis · Strategic Technologist @ SPACE10
Nice! This will definitely come in handy :D
Mike Garrett
@mikengarrett · Founding Partner, Copper Note
Looks like a better display for http://wpgear.org/
Kien Trong
@kientrong · Designer
Look very nice, exactly what we are working over wpstash.com :)
Austin ☃ Passy
@thefrosty · Developer, Frosty Media
I can't up-vote your site until you abide by the foundations rules to NOT allow WordPress in its entirety in your domain name. Please see: https://wordpress.org/about/doma...