Net Promoter Score platform for boosting customer happiness

Designed for the CX champion, Wootric offers free NPS software to startups and SMBs. Capture feedback at customer journey points with microsurveys. Trigger surveys and followup in systems you use like Intercom, Slack, Hubspot, Salesforce. Text analytics.
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We use Wootric at RJMetrics, and we really like it. It's by far the fastest way to collect actionable feedback from users that we've found.
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@jakestein Especially great to receive praise from a hardcore big-data analytics product. We hope to emulate the RJMetrics platform for its performance and scalability as we grow. Thanks for vetting us!
Hi Product Hunters, I’m Jessica Pfeifer, co-founder of Wootric. @jumpingdeeps and I are happy to see Wootric shared with the Product Hunt community today – thanks @nikkielizdemere! Wootric came about two years ago after talking to a number of online businesses…that the true “voice” of their customer was often lost in the sea of other behavior tracking metrics. We built Wootric to help businesses get reliable and actionable feedback from their users—effortlessly—inside their product or mobile app. We're succeeding when our customers are identifying insights, following up, and creating better products and experiences for their end users. We’re all about elegant, low friction surveys and high response rates. We just rolled out our mobile app surveys recently so would love this community’s feedback! @jumpingdeeps and I will both be around today. We’d love to hear from you.
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We use Wootric and love it. Low friction with ~50% response rate. We've been able to use Wootric to run A/B test on specific features as well (http://magoosh.com/blog/optimize...)
@bkparikh Thanks -- the a/b test use case is such an interesting one, and relevant to all types of companies who are iterating regularly on product. Student happiness is a powerful success metric!
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We've been using Wootric at 15Five for over a year and it's been absolutely essential and instrumental to our growth. We're able to get a continuous week by week and month by month automatic running pulse on our NPS which we then review as a leadership team each week. In addition to the score, the voluntary feedback has been extremely illuminating in figuring out the common themes around what our promoters love and what our detractors dislike, which continues to inform both our marketing and product planning. We've also been able to segment different types of users, includng account creators, managers, and employees, which also gives us really great specific insights into different types of stakeholders. I highly recommend anyone with a SaaS product put this in place. Set it, forget it, and get some of the most important ongoing feedback to ensure you're moving in the right direction every week.
@dhassell wow, thank you! Your team has done an amazing job maximizing everything that Wootric has to offer and we're thrilled to hear those results. Yours is a perfect example of how "little data" can have a big impact. Can't wait to do the case study :)