Woodies Performance Dress Shirts

Shirts that keep up with life on the go


Our performance shirts are wrinkle free, moisture wicking, odor repelling with two way stretch

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Rich Wood
Alina Chernavskikh
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  • Pros: 

    I have 15 of these in my closet now. I haven't purchased off the rack since.


    Would love to see a bit more selection / options.

    I think the price is actually pretty good compared to others I've seen in this space. Once you get your size profile right it's really hard to justify spending money anywhere else.

  • PsoBloke
    PsoBlokeSupport manager, WRBM


    Perfect fit



    The price

    Stumbled across woodies on kickstarter a few years ago and now haven't ever looked back. My go to for shirts and they've never let me down yet. Perfect quality and although the costs are high, you pay for quality.

  • EverydayStyleAdvice
    EverydayStyleAdviceResearch Assistant

    Great customer support and perfect fitting clothes


    Custom clothes can be pricey, and can take a while to get. So be patient and appreciate the craftsmanship. :)

    Woodies Clothing has been my go-to for shirts and chinos for around two years now. I am always excited about what they have to offer and their relationship with their customers is excellent.

  • Rich Wood
    Rich WoodDoctor

    High quality fabric

    Perfect Fit

    Great customer service


    Would like some more patterns to be available

    Unlike so many companies that started as a Kickstarter, this company actually delivers. They have it together.

  • Pros: 

    Woodies fits better than any other shirt


    Takes a few weeks to receive but well worth the wait

    Jacob and his team provide top notch service and communication! I'd highly recommend Woodies.

  • Pros: 

    I've never had a shirt that fits so well! I've revamped my entire wardrobe with Woodies. I even wore one for my wedding!


    It would be nice if there were more fabric options

    I gifted these as Christmas presents and people LOVED them

  • Pros: 

    Brilliant performance


    more bright colours

    easy to wash and comfortable to wear - what else would my husband desire?

  • Pros: 

    Nothing about the fabric, cut or claims can be complained about. Best shirts I've ever had (staight from the box). Immediately ordered more


    Reduce the price slightly (for loyal/regular customers), ensure that buttons are colour coded to shirt colour.

    I love the shirts. All claims made during the campaign seem to have been met. Good job!

  • Pros: 

    excellent value for money



    Nothing makes me happier than when my @woodies delivery arrives! Their performance shirts are the best !

  • Pros: 

    The are the best shirts for the price on the market. And they fit like a glove


    Can't think of a reason not to buy

    I own about 8 shirts from woodies, and these are no slouch!