Our performance shirts are wrinkle free, moisture wicking, odor repelling with two way stretch

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Hello Product Hunters! We just launched a new collection of performance dress shirts that we're very excited about (although, we might be biased ;)). The shirts are wrinkle free, moisture wicking, odor repelling, and have 2-way stretch. ...But above all else, we guarantee a perfect fit! With Woodies getting perfect fitting clothes made especially for you has never been easier than now. With as little as your height, weight and average shirt size we can build an incredibly accurate 3D model of you, and extract all your measurements, in seconds (no tape measure required)! As always, I'd love your questions or feedback -- I'll be around to listen. Chatting directly with customers and visitors is incredibly important to us. People like you help guide the direction of our company. Happy to offer the Product Hunt community 15% off your order on www.woodiesclothing.com with the code "producthunt2017" (valid through 9/04/17)

Unlike so many companies that started as a Kickstarter, this company actually delivers. They have it together.


High quality fabric

Perfect Fit

Great customer service


Would like some more patterns to be available

Been supporting this brand for a while and you should too!
@jgage718 Nice to hear from you! Hope all is well.

I think the price is actually pretty good compared to others I've seen in this space. Once you get your size profile right it's really hard to justify spending money anywhere else.


I have 15 of these in my closet now. I haven't purchased off the rack since.


Would love to see a bit more selection / options.