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We hire a few Wonoloers every day, and they've been really helpful in allowing us to have a flexible workforce
Looks a lot like Exec. I wonder how they plan to overcome the challenges that they ran into (which the founder, Justin Kan describes here: http://justinkan.com/exec-errand... )
@_jacksmith where this is different (from what I've gathered reading their site), is that the app is built for brick-and-mortar businesses. The challenge I see is that many businesses can't have just anyone drop in and start working. They're not trained and more importantly, there may be legal liabilities.
@rrhoover you are spot on Ryan. The challenge is focusing on jobs that have a defined and uniform output - these are the types of jobs that work best for Wonolo. Think fulfillment, data entry, merchandising, event staff, and then types of many other jobs. Also, not just low skilled jobs but think nursing - any nurse can (theoretically) administer medicine or take vital signs the same way if they are an RN.