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Hello fellow hunters! Ignace here, maker of Wonderwall who is excited to hear what you think of it! Wonderwall is a mobile app for Android that provides you with beautiful landscape wallpapers. Everyday one handpicked photo is added to the collection. By doing this the highest quality can be guaranteed. Wonderwall intends to be photographer-friendly, sharing only photos that have a license that allows sharing. Besides that, every wallpaper states the photographer and includes a link back. This creates a win-win situation where photographers receive the attention they deserve and people get magnificent wallpapers! Most mobile wallpaper apps provide you with desktop wallpapers and crop those to your phone. What makes Wonderwall special is that all wallpapers are portrait-orientated. Because Wonderwall's photos are meant to be viewed vertically, they look much nicer on your mobile. If you would have any questions for me personally, shoot them at me!
This is super cool. Is there a Web interface?
@rkho Hey Richard, there is! All photographs can be found on http://wonderwall.gallery/
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