AR app for kids to transform the world into stories.

Wonderscope is an Augmented Reality app that transforms the screen time to a more active experience for kids.

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3 Reviews3.3/5
This is so fun. My kids loved it.
I wonder how much AR will change children's education? 🤔
@aaronoleary it definitely opens the doors for more experiential learning, when AR gets more mature with haptic devices, it will completely transform children's education.
Upvoted - congrats on your launch. Downloading as we speak and excited to test run. Any android on the horizon ?
I tried this with my almost 2 year old daughter last night, and we loved it. All of these AR apps nearly set my old SE ablaze and kill my battery in about 10 minutes though.
@jkdncn yeah those surface detection algorithms surely take a lot of compute resources.
Been an AR fan for a while. Loved sharing this with my kids who bought-in immediately.