Wolfprint 3D

A 3D scanner to create realistic avatars of people for VR

Wolfprint 3D is creating realistic 3D avatars of people for VR and games. Our first product is an automatic 3D scanning booth that allows anyone to create a truly realistic avatar of themselves easily.

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Hey Product Hunters! This is Timmu from Wolfprint 3D. Our goal is to bring humanity into VR. We use high-quality 3D scanning technology to create realistic avatars of people for VR and games. Our first product is a 3D scanning booth that does studio quality scans automatically at almost a 0 cost. Why is it relevant? We believe social VR will be an important part of how we communicate online in the future. To make social interactions seamless and authentic, every person needs a realistic avatar to represent themselves in VR. FYI: We are currently running an equity crowdfunding campaign, which you can check out here: https://www.seedinvest.com/wolfp... to learn more and get a copy of the Form C we filed with the SEC For developers: Here’s a sample pack with some 3D scans and avatars you can use in your projects: http://bit.ly/2euHigb Happy to answer any questions! Thank you so much for your support!
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Have seen this in action at Latitude59, great idea and product!
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@the_andriy_bond Thank you very much Andriy, we appreciate your support!
I met these guys at the Startup Wise Guys accelerator in Tallinn - very cool product! @kaspar_tiri can tell you more :)
@bramk @kaspar_tiri Thank you very much for hunting us, Bram!
@bramk Thank you, Bram!
You guys are amazing, you are who make future closer to all of us! :)
@paul_shuteyev Thank you Paul, we appreciate your support! :)
Big flaw....make it open source . Once another startup does this for cheap and have their api open for VR applications, it will be like OpenID for VR applications. Cool idea but i think make it open source so you can become bigger or you will die quickly, VR is the future.
@kingrockie Thank you for your thoughts, it would be interesting to discuss.